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Posted By: Stringsinger
29-Sep-11 - 03:45 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Tea Party- New & Improved Thread...
Subject: RE: BS: The Tea Party- New & Improved Thread...
What is in peril now is Wall Street because young people have awakened. Americans are for the most part uninformed. Obama is a reflection of the ambivalence of thinking on the issues. I don't think he is intentionally defrauding the country even as he makes his rather serious mistakes.

Actually, one could argue that the US foreign policy and domestic policies are based on high crimes and misdemeanors since many Wall Streeters, Bushies and Pentagon killers are not in jail where they belong.

Fortunately, the issue is clear today. Wall Street has stolen from the tax payers and citizens of this country and the young people encamping by Wall Street know this. '"Spending cuts" are stealing from the people. The deficit only bothers those at the top because they are only worried about their own deficits.

The Tea Party doesn't want health care in any form by the government. I don't believe that 66% of Americans oppose the present health care bill but I do think that single payer is the wave of the future.

The Vietnam War was Mr. Johnson's war. He promulgated it, tried to sell it but it worked against him.

Unfortunately, Afghanistan is Mr. Obama's war. He campaigned for it.
Obama impresses me as someone who is being lead by the nose on many issues by by Wall Street and the Pentagon. The bottom line is the general denial that there are white racists in this country who want him dead because he is black. If you don't understand that, you do not understand racism in America. The chance that Herman Cain will ever reach an endorsement by the GOP is pipe dream. It'll be Romney, a white Mormon. Wall Street and Fox News want this.

The jobs bill Obama has proposed is much better than anything Bush did. The health care bill was a nod to the insurance industry which makes it less than it should have been but Bush never would have allowed that to go forward.

I think that the issues raised here about the Tea Party are being met by a real American revolution taking place in an "American Spring" and it will grow as they fade.

Tea Party is tainted by Wall Street. An astro-turf movement manufactured by the Koch Brothers and Dick Armey (what else is new?) but the New York Spring is authentic.

The message is clear. Class war being waged on the American public by Wall Street, banksters, oil speculators, dividend collectors, overpaid CEOs and both political parties have been corrupted by this.

Obama is caught in this web. He is Harvard Elite with a Wall Street background but I don't think it's that he's trying to hoodwink anyone. I don't buy that conspiracy theory.
I hope Obama may gain clarity on these issues and presidents can change when in office such as Abe Lincoln and FDR.

But the real action is on the ground in New York, soon Boston, L.A., San Francisco and this is a domino effect that is indisputable. And this is what democracy looks like.

We have to give up the "war mentality". That will have to come from the grass roots.
Wall Street plays into this since many investments are with the MIC and the young people in New York know this. Hang on to your seat belts because we are entering the American Spring.