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Posted By: GUEST,Guest from Sanity
29-Sep-11 - 07:02 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Tea Party- New & Improved Thread...
Subject: RE: BS: The Tea Party- New & Improved Thread...
Bobert, Jeez, just because YOU say it is a 'myth' doesn't make it so. Geithner, who purposed, and pushed this crap, says that the $200,000 per job IS the figure, ....but it is 'worth it'......TO HIM and HIS agenda, of sucking the American people dry!
You are just to hung up in EVERYTHING that opposes these known, failed policies is a Tea Party driven evil!..This is utter nonsense, and I think you either KNOW it, or are afraid that your misplaced dedication to the 'party' is now threatened. Fact is, that it wouldn't matter what party that these scoundrels are working long as they keep coming up with bullshit policies for THEIR interests, they will sell their lying reasoning to which ever party, and constituents, will buy into it, as long as they can make it APPEAR that their policies are for our own long as they can find popular support, and get it out there!
Today, in the 'news'..66% of the American people DO NOT support Obama care, and want it repealed! 26 states have appealed to the Supreme Court, to have it overturned! These numbers did not originate from the Tea Party!!..So get over it! As Pelosi said, 'Let's pass this bill, so we can see what's in it"..well the bill is passed, its been read, and people are saying 'Holy shit! This thing stinks!'...and the backlash, to all those 'representatives' who passed it, WITHOUT reading it, and voted for it, because of backroom sweetheart deals is overwhelming!!...Independents have fled support for this administration, and the Democratic Party for this reason. If you are NOT aware of this, you must be living under a rock! The Tea Party gained MASSIVE support, after that bill was foisted on the American public. That is a plain and simple FACT....otherwise, you wouldn't even give a shit about the Tea Party. The Democrats brought this down on themselves...and if you haven't figured that out by now, then you are a lot denser than we ever imagined! The Koch's may throw money at supporting the party, but the Koch's are not handing out money to people to pay people to join...the reason that people are joining, is that they are pissed off at what and how our present administration is fucking over the country!...and people don't like it!...Duhhh!..and along with that, they don't particularly like the Republican Party, either! Bush fucked us over, Obama has fucked us over....and BOTH of them have done it, in the interests of the financial cronies who are pulling their strings!
If you can't come to grips with that fact, don't blame me, and slander everyone who isn't as hoodwinked as you!

As to Don, he's just left with stupid, little, meaningless insinuations, with his usual NOTHING to back it up...and the FACTS are clearly against his posturing. No big deal, as to his remarks! The cat is out of the bag, I'd suggest you two shake off your misconceptions, and see things the way they really are, and not how you want to change reality, to fit into your political vision, of wishful thinking!...and frustrated, that the facts unfolding don't fit into your illusions!

All this being said, and I DO NOT particularly agree with, or am a supporter of the Tea Party....just observing 'cause and effect'!



P.S. You guys are racing to make you and your positions obsolete! Wise up!