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Posted By: GUEST,Guest from Sanity
28-Sep-11 - 06:02 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Tea Party- New & Improved Thread...
Subject: RE: BS: The Tea Party- New & Improved Thread...
Nice try...but you just got blown out of the water again!
Why not ask intelligent questions, instead of holding on to false assumption, and bad ideas, that formulate your fantasy political worth??
Are you afraid of learning something?...Which might cause you to be needed in the REAL cause??
You've been detoured, and done so by don't feel too bad. If it were me, or anybody else, I'd feel disillusioned and betrayed!...but why shoot the messenger?
I don't make this stuff up..though sometimes it requires a little time to PROVE that where I'm coming from is sound. Don't you think I went through the same changes, too?...It broke my fucking heart....and when I got over that, the next question that popped up was "What can I do to help..without getting blown away?".....and being as I AM NOT a political animal, the effort that it takes to break through, to those who care, but are 'misinformed', and steadfast in their indoctrination, can be a monumental task, but worth it, if someone flashes!!...and I got stuff, that is true, but would blow your mind, as it does mine, and with it brings the sadness when I see masses of people who are victimized by the lies and corruption, and various other forms of deceptive abuse!
You've put up some pretty tenacious arguments, but unfortunately, you've been working under false premises....and THAT is a bummer, because of your desire to help people, but they (the politically deceptive propagandists) working through the media, keeps those who would have REAL power, from claiming it, and being truly a force!!
I'm not setting a political agenda, or cause, or preference to any party, BUT, to those gifted musicians, who want something to say, I try to give them an objectivity, to be better able to write music, and perform music, to reach the hearts and minds of those who have the presence of mind to hear....and to do that, the writer, and performers of such material need to come from a place, where their filters are clear, of the manufactured rubbish, that we've been conditioned to 'ingest'!
Once the filter is cleared, the material takes on a clarity, that reaches deep, within the listener...and allows them to compare, where they are, against what they are TOLD they 'SHOULD' be thinking!!...and luckily, the little freedoms we have left, gives room for people to think for themselves, but from within their own hearts!!!
I'm not AGAINST anyone in this forum, it might SEEM that way, but sometimes it takes a lot of crap one has to go through, just to break through!!....and in doing so, the material that comes out, will be nothing less than extraordinary!
The one good thing that comes from our endless frothing rants, is that by the time we get to the end, a HUGE span of dialogue, exhaustively put forth, SHOULD peel away some REAL nastily deceptive mental poison, that keeps ordinary musicians/writers/ singer/songwriters down, and paralyzed from going on and being GREAT!!! ...IF and unless....they pick up on the truth!

P.S...I just wish sometimes that 'certain' people on here, just had a better sense of humor, and wit. Nobody needs to be hurt...nor should an artist need to 'suffer' to press out his/her art, from their soul!

Anyway.....till you come back with another 'misconception'....(wink and a smirk....unless I beat you to it!...).