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Posted By: GUEST,Guest from Sanity
27-Sep-11 - 12:46 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Tea Party- New & Improved Thread...
Subject: RE: BS: The Tea Party- New & Improved Thread...
We've been over this before...matter of fact, I'm the one who first introduced 'ALEC' and exposed them into the forum! response to even further Bobert's bitching about the Tea Party. He didn't even know about them! (go back and check's there!)

As to your other points, they are just argumentative and have very little logic behind them. Like most 'lib-tard' issues they are emotionally driven...and why I use 'lib-tard' over 'liberal' is because one is an idea or a set of ideas, the other is the fanatical loony side, off the deep end!

'Monopoly'?...try majority..which seems to be overlooked in this administration..(though it also applies to other administrations as well).
Taxes?...Hey you want to pay more?..Go ahead, whip out your checkbook!...As so far as misappropriating them, not just the 'unfunded' wars, but bailouts, and sleazy 'green' projects, and paying the Fed for all the interest on borrowed fiat money the are 'printing' and sending it to foreign countries, WITHOUT the consent or oversight of where its going, or what its being used for.(You'd have to scroll back into this thread to watch the actual hearings, that Congressmen were grilling the Fed's chairman, and hierarchy about that very issue, and the Fed's people stonewalled, and REFUSED to answer those questions....ABOUT SPENDING OUR MONEY, WITHOUT US BEING REPRESENTED, IN ANY WAY!!)

"At this point, Democrats are afraid of Republicans in Congress..."
Well they should be, after the abuse of both houses and the President after ramming Obama care down their throats, and circumventing due process, that had to be done with 'special deals' and waivers for cronies and votes!..especially, when the majority of the people(oh yeah, remember them?), were opposed to it, and Congress wasn't even allowed to read the fucking thing!.."So we can see what's in it"-Pelosi.
You bet, the Democrats are shaking in their boots!...Look what happened in the last mid-term elections!...and Obama's approval rating is falling like a rock...even with those who voted for him!!~!
Do I think the Tea Party is the answer?..NO!..but something was going to backlash, sooner or later, with the abuse of power by BOTH parties!
....and its going to get a lot worse, as the American public watches the soap opera antics, and gets screwed in the meantime!
Now Obama is campaigning for his jobs bill...people flat out, and across the board don't trust him, anymore!!..and you CAN'T see why?????!!!
Did he undo any of the executive mandates set forth by Bush?...NO!..Just like I said during the elections!..Why are you political partisan maniacs so blind to see that??

You want your party backed, just because of the fraudulent lies they sold you during their campaigns, and actually thought they meant ANY of it!!!...and that goes for BOTH corrupted parties!
You think Obama isn't pandering to his banker buddies, and Wall Street??...Why is Geithner there then...and he was a tax remember those taxes you think are so much in favor by us peons...but the Secretary of the Treasury was cheating on know, that crony son of a bitch from the IMF?????
Now you tell me, just WHO is delusional????????????
Strings, with all due respect..I think a lot of people of both parties are sincere, but the leadership of both of them are NOT in control, and not representing the WILL, nor the well being of the constituents....since when????

Otherwise, would we be in the fix we're in now???..and to correct it, must seem 'radical', at this point!..Again, is the Tea Party the path?..Not necessarily, but the conduct of both corrupted parties has paved a freeway to the destruction of this country!..I think you could possibly agree to that......but then, "If a man cheats you once, shame on him..If he cheats you twice, shame on you!!!"

Enough of this partisan blathering drivel, and let's get a little
real, OK?
Regards Anyway,