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Posted By: Stringsinger
27-Sep-11 - 12:01 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Tea Party- New & Improved Thread...
Subject: RE: BS: The Tea Party- New & Improved Thread...
Gfs, looks like I pushed a button.

"Maybe that is an issue in YOUR head, that you project that everybody else must have...(ever think of that?)"

Actually I have examined what you say but I notice too much evidence to the contrary to deny racism; I see it in many heads.

"Maybe he is worse, BECAUSE he has carried Bush's policies forward, plus added his own, AND neglected moving in the right direction, because of both of them! Maybe they both are part of the same destructive agenda, but to appease the unsuspecting, they appear to have differing agendas.....(ever think of that?)"

I have noticed that Obama is unformed as to where he stands and is beholden to Wall Street and Harvard elites. I don't think Obama and Bush agree on everything. There is still some space between the ideologies of the two. I don't approve of Obama's war mongering, however, but he is different from Bush. I think that the DOJ should investigate Bush's war crimes. Obama is a victim of a kind of reactionary racism that takes its form in undue criticism of his policies without a rational criticism about them by white people in Congress, mainly Republican.

"According to whose editing, censoring, and DE-classification, and final authorization, and for what reason????...(ever think about that?)"

You can make an argument for or against any book or account, you are left with only your own assessment as to the veracity of the book. I don't rely on any one else's editing, censoring and de-classification as to the value of the book but I try to cross reference everything I read and come to my own conclusions.

As to the well-to-do, yes there is something wrong with them when working and middle class people are being exploited by them.

White people have had a monopoly on policy decisions in government for too long a time which is a form of racism. For example, the resistance by white politicians in Washington and the Southern States to Civil Rights for Black People and this still goes on with the machinations of Ron Paul.

As to tax hating, taxes are necessary for the functioning of civil society. They should be honored when not misappropriated for meaningless wars.

At this point, Democrats are afraid of Republicans in Congress because they are so crazy, but it is crazier to capitulate to Republicans. Wall Street sees the craziness in the Tea Party as well and if the TP's agenda were to become in effect, it would rock the Wall Street boat and they know it.

What is happening today to give a unanimity to Republican's attempt to take over the government with their authoritarian ideas is embodied in a group called ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, which is lobbying Congress and various state governors to outlaw unions, promote election fraud, become autocratic replacing democratic institutions with heavy-handed political bullying. This ALEC is financed by the Koch Brothers and Dick Armey who were responsible for the rise of the Tea Party as a pseudo-populist reactive group.