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Posted By: GUEST,Guest from Sanity
27-Sep-11 - 04:36 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Tea Party- New & Improved Thread...
Subject: RE: BS: The Tea Party- New & Improved Thread...
Stringsinger: "As to the question of racism, how could this not be an issue? The stupidest thing to do is to deny it...."

Maybe that is an issue in YOUR head, that you project that everybody else must have...(ever think of that?)

Strings: "...Obama is not as destructive as Bush was but has unfortunately carried Bush's policies forward..."

Maybe he is worse, BECAUSE he has carried Bush's policies forward, plus added his own, AND neglected moving in the right direction, because of both of them! Maybe they both are part of the same destructive agenda, but to appease the unsuspecting, they appear to have differing agendas.....(ever think of that?)

Strings: "Suskind's book gives a good insight into what went on during Obama's first years."

According to whose editing, censoring, and DE-classification, and final authorization, and for what reason????...(ever think about that?)

As to Bobert's: "It is packed with well-to-do, white, tax-hating Republicans who have moved there to retire... That is reality... Florida's demographics isn't like any other state in the country..."

Bobbie: "It is packed with well-to-do,...."

Something WRONG about that?

....... "white",

Something wrong about that??....


Most people do, something wrong about that?....


Oh, in reality, they are just another stupid group, like Democrats, but neither side see it that way..(see, they're the same).

..."who have moved there to retire"

GOD FORBID!! Those nasty pesky rascals!..I bet they're too old as well, to be much of a riotous threat!..(Shit, even your ninety year old Mom said she went to one of their conventions and managed, with her walker, to escape alive!!!..It must have been quite a chaotic, violent affair, complete with mayhem galore!!!)

"That is reality"... Florida's demographics isn't like any other state in the country"

Neither is Arizona's to Oregon's!..or Colorado's to California's...or New York to Utah's...Rhode Islands to Texas......Kansas to Massachusetts....Arkansas to Alaska.....Hawaii's to New Jersey's...Tennessee's to Nevada's...and so on and so forth....

BTW, were you trying to make a point???...or just venting???

Jeez, those lib-tards get so whooped up about nothing!!!

Wait till you see whats REALLY coming down!!!

I'll pull this one up later, I assure you!