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Posted By: Richard Bridge
06-Sep-11 - 04:31 AM
Thread Name: Buying a new Martin guitar
Subject: RE: Buying a new Martin guitar
I have heard some good ones. Will you take it to Knockers so I can hear it or is it going to be coddled and kept for best? Do get it Rodgered. If nothing needs doing he will tell you so (it's what he did on Monsieur le Chapeau's Tanglewood 12 if my memory serves me).

You should play it every day if possible. At the very least pick it up, tune it up, and belt power chords up to the octave and back. The wood needs to be wiggled to make it ring like a bell. Rodgers also has a wiggling machine - put the guitar on it and it vibrates it (oooh matron) to speed the opening up of the sound. Or put it by your hifi speakers so long as you listen to the hifi loud, so that they can musically wiggle the wood for you.