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Posted By: Backwoodsman
01-Sep-11 - 05:10 AM
Thread Name: Buying a new Martin guitar
Subject: RE: Buying a new Martin guitar
CJ - I've got a Lowden and two Martins, (had more of each but some had to go to make way for the current herd).

I love them equally, for different reasons. They are very different in appearance and sound, but I don't consider one brand as being 'better' or 'worse' than the other - they're just 'different' (and, of course, that's precisely why I have the two brands, for their very different properties).

I think what you're really saying is that the Lowden sound (and perhaps appearance?) appeals to you more than the Martin sound. Others might disagree. But either way, that doesn't mean that 'Lowdens are better than Martins', or vice-versa, it just means that what suits one person may not suit another.

You can't really say that Brand A "blew away" Brand B, because you're comparing apples and oranges - if you say that you prefer the sound of Brand A over Brand B, that makes sense because sound is subjective, what my ears hear is different to what someone else may hear. If you compare individual guitars of the same model/brand, then I'd agree that one may 'blow away' the other, but to say that, for example, "Martins blow away Taylors" is arrant nonsense - it's a case of one man's meat etc., and whilst some love the Martin sound, there are just as many others who love the Taylor sound, and they are all right!

So the answer is to play lots of guitars and buy the one which sounds, looks and feels good to you, irrespective of the name on the headstock, and bollocks to what everyone else says.