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Posted By: Lizzie Cornish 1
24-Aug-11 - 04:42 AM
Thread Name: Sidmouth Folk Week - New Director
Subject: RE: Sidmouth Folk Week - New Director
Gosh, I thought this would be about that rude and arrogant bloke wot runs Sidmouth..the one who was so damned foul to Sally, The Lemonade Lady, in his email to his daughter.

I'd have kicked him off for that unpleasant episode alone, personally..for anyone who treats decent people that way, particularly those who've become such a part of Sidmouth over the years doesn't come across as a true Leader to me, just a bully who dismisses people at the drop of a hat when he feels Sidmouth has become so good that they no longer need the very people who helped to give him the festival he has today...

Bit like that chap from BP...the one who referred to folks as 'the small people'

You won't catch me at a festival where someone who thinks of himself as a Big Person verbally spits on those he deems to be the smaller folks..

And now, back to the plot....