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Posted By: BDtheQB
16-Oct-00 - 10:46 PM
Thread Name: BS: Bush/Gore Round 2
Subject: RE: BS: Bush/Gore Round 2
If everyone paid a dollar to a "health care fund" every week and the US gov't invested that money in a historically sound mutual fund, and then the gov't used that interest from that money to pay medicare or a health care fund setup by a congressional committee and administered by a professional health care administrator, and included prescription drugs, and took away a dollar a day from the defense department "star wars" project to match the previous dollar, then no one would have a health care problem.However, that makes too much sense. As for the taxation of the rich, Tax everything over 10 million at 80 percent, after all if you can't live on 10 million, you probably need to cut back.. Use that money to distribute equally to every school district in the country based on the number of students in the district. i.e. 4,000 dollars for each child per month in every school for salaries and building maintenance. Leave the other expenses to be paid for by the locals. However, that will never happen but.. I think it is a good idea.. (g)