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Posted By: JHW
09-Aug-11 - 06:23 AM
Thread Name: Thyroid and Vocal Chord Inflammation
Subject: RE: Thyroid and Vocal Chord Inflammation
Haven't seen this thread for a while but its just popped up again.
My voice is fine now, better than ever according to my singing teacher and returning after the year of no singing left it now balanced across my range (she says)
I never found out what was wrong or how it got better. Back at the ENT with the thing down the throat the guy said all was fine and I found it was. (After his prescribed anti reflux pills every day then a long rest after) I'm on thyroxine for good and I haven't given up dairy though I know someone who has with benefit. I'd rather not bother cows and I've tried all the soya milks and stuff. Found a new one, coconut, at Gnashers veggie shop at Sidmouth which I will use again.
Others advised Manuka honey which I tried though it costs a fortune.

Responding to Guest jvsinginl it was pain in my neck which first took me to the singing teacher several years ago, on the advice of the ENT. I had a pain from my chin down to the top rib. Singing teacher said it was common for untrained singers though I had sung ever since primary school.

The biggest surprise I found after being laid off singing for a year was that I could after all manage without it. I don't go to anything like the folk clubs I used to before. Two days at Sidmouth I spent walking and didn't get back to the afternoons at the Woodlands.