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Posted By: Donuel
07-Aug-11 - 11:52 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Tea Party- New & Improved Thread...
Subject: RE: BS: The Tea Party- New & Improved Thread...
Lloyd Blankfien lay on his 800 thread count sheets in his bedroom made of African Blackwood Mpingo, listening. A faint sound of chains rattle or is it a piece of foil in the air conditioning ducts?
The bedroom door bursts inward in a gust of icy air and there, the ghosts of robber Barons J.P.Morgan Corneilius Vanderbuilt, Joseph Seligman, Danial Drew and the late owner of Blackwater... all looking rotted to varying degrees.

"What is THIS!" yelled LLoyd.   
ItS A wArnInG ~ whined the chorus of gasping ghosts.
"A warning of what?" llyod asked timidly.
A WaRaning Oof WhaT You Are INtendeD tO DoOOoo.
Carnagie steps forward and speaks for the group, "This is just some sort of lsd halluncination or Ambien reaction or a bit of undigested lobster"
NOOOOOOoooo WE Just tell You why You are here.
"Shoot" Blankfein said tersely
"YOuu are GOOinG Too faRRR. The WHole POinT of TakiNG tRillonS of DollArs wAs to LiVe. SOOOon the MonEY you Have stolEN will DeStroY the PeopLE you NEED for YoUR TRue Destiny.
"I am Living, I am living it up!"
no YOU WIll NOT. Our Goal Was not to just get ricH
We Robbed and STole and kiLled Workers so That we could Live forEverrrrrrrr. YoU must Let The poor learN and Work On immortality reeesearch beFore They Fade away In PovErty.

"Hmm Maybe Ill buy some derivitives in the bio research sector tommorrow, no the the hell outta here before I call Goldman Sachs Security"

Carnagie: "They never learnnn"
Andrew Mellon: "Greedy Bastard"

and the penthouse again grew silent.