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Posted By: Ebbie
03-Aug-11 - 10:56 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Tea Party- New & Improved Thread...
Subject: RE: BS: The Tea Party- New & Improved Thread...
I think it would be helpful for us to stop and look back whence we came.

Before the 2008 election we all even the Bush Babies recognized that this country was in a bad way and most of us agreed that it wouldn't be couldn't be - fixed in any short term. I remember posting that I tended to think that it would be only fair if a Republican won the election so that the Republicans would be forced to fix up their own mess.

A more rational voice than mine on the Cat retorted that you don't send the bull back in that wrecked the china shop in the first place, and I had to agree.

So here we are. We are in a mess and some many? - Mudcatters have given up on the President and his party. I remember when John Kennedy was asked what his biggest surprise was upon attaining the presidency, he said his biggest surprise was finding out how little real power the President has.

This president has even less real power; from the outset he has had openly expressed opposition that promised they would do everything they could to block anything that he tried to do. The great patriot Limbaugh said that he hoped that America would fail under Obama, and many other patriots listen to that man.

If McCain/Palin had got in, the shoe might be on a different foot. Although I would hope that REAL patriots would have tried to work with them. I consider it nothing less than treasonous to do otherwise.

Yes. I wish President Obama would stand up and be firm for what we - some of us - believed he stood for. But then I do not know what it is possible to do or even what the game plan is. Maybe he still thinks he will be able to get the WHOLE country behind him. I don't think so- but then I don't have the view from his window.