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Posted By: Frankham
16-Oct-00 - 04:16 PM
Thread Name: BS: Bush/Gore Round 2
Subject: RE: BS: Bush/Gore Round 2
Doug, I keep hearing from people who are well-off Republicans that they can't see the poverty around them. It's as if they have blinders on. I don't know what you saw in Texas but we didn't see the same things.

The theory behind tax breaks for the wealthy is a view that because they have entrepenurial talent, somehow they should be given a divine dispensation by the government. This is not clear to me at all. The effect of taxes are relative. Poor people are hurt by them. The denial of this is given by people who have monetasry advantages and can't (or rather won't) see the disadvantages of others.

You are free to believe as you choose, but the ract remains that lobbying interests control the politicians and the way they vote, amend and appropriate bills. I agree with you about soft and hard money but as far as influential pocket picking, the gun lobby and the tobacco lobby are stronger than ever in Congress. The evidence is that despite studies on tobacco, the politicians are compromising with human lives and as to the gun lobby, no one has the guts to stand up to LaPierre and Heston. At least not in a Republican dominated Congress. So automatic weapons and handguns on the street are part of the American landscape.

As to beating up on the rich, I'm not doing that. I just think that they should pay their fair share of taxes. Much of the generosity of wealthy Americans is assumed by their personal views on what is important for the country. Some are non-profits who benefit but if Bush becoms president, you will see this generosity eroded. The incentive for public service is often tax breaks. It the wealthy receive them automatically, the "thousand points of light" will once again be a huge joke. The purpose of business is the bottom line. It is not predicated on a predispostion of generostiy by a handful of enlightened wealthy people.

I have no problem with people becoming rich in our society but the arrogance that accompanies some of the wealthy to disregard the needs of the government elected by the American people and promote their own agendas is legendary in our history. Many are present day robber barons. They have a vested interest in weakening statutes such as the Sherman-Patman Act and buying off memebers of Congress. I can name some but what's the point? We know who they are.

It is more prevalent today to beat up on the poor and blame them for their conditions. Republicans have been good at this.