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Posted By: Songwronger
02-Aug-11 - 07:49 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Tea Party- New & Improved Thread...
Subject: RE: BS: The Tea Party- New & Improved Thread...
As I recall, the Tea Party was founded by disgruntled conservatives who were fed up with George W. Bush's big government policies. They said they wanted to return to fiscal conservatism. Wanted to end the Federal Reserve too.

But the movement was quickly taken over by the mainstream Republican bureaucracy, which made Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin the spokespeople. At the core of the movement though was a desire to shrink government and return monetary policy to the U.S. Treasury, where it belongs.

But my point is, at least the disgruntled Republicans tried to break away. What are disgruntled Democrats doing? They're saying Obama needs to be re-elected.

Liberals should at least make the effort that disgruntled Republicans did. The Democratic splinter party would no doubt be given the face of Al Franken or Jon Stewart or Nancy Pelosi, and thereby be reduced to an object of ridicule, but the effort has to be made.

Personally, I would like to see the two extremes of the political spectrum come together with a Ron Paul / Dennis Kucinich presidential ticket.