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Posted By: Jim the Bart
16-Oct-00 - 02:44 PM
Thread Name: BS: Bush/Gore Round 2
Subject: RE: BS: Bush/Gore Round 2
Couple things.

Wealth doesn't get created out of nothing. Resources are consumed in the "creation" of anything and everything that makes up our economy. The exceptions to this are "intellectual capital" which is critical to building wealth and (apparently) inexhaustible, and LUV; but, I digress.

There is a finite capacity for production of wealth on this earth, and although we have not come close to reaching it, we can see signs pointing in that direction. We're running out of easily obtainable stuff that we need to create better stuff. Like oil and coal and hardwoods and open land and etc. If indeed wealth has a limit (as I believe it does), there will come a point where it is only possible to put wealth in one person's pocket by removing it from someone else's, or from that store of wealth which we hold in common. If this also is true, the huge disparity between the haves and the have nots should be of some concern. Even if you are a have. History has shown that at some point the have nots will stand for no more. And at that point, God help the "fortunate sons".

About statistics. The "statistical reduction" of poverty doesn't matter a bit to the guy living on the edge of poverty; it only works as a salve on the conscience of those who possess wealth.

As for whether or not the problems that Texas has are shared by all states. Bush advocates solving problems at the state level. As governor of Texas, the effectiveness of his efforts in these areas, as compared to other states, is relevant in examining whether his contentions hold water.