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Posted By: Sawzaw
31-Jul-11 - 11:55 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Tea Party- New & Improved Thread...
Subject: RE: BS: The Tea Party- New & Improved Thread...
Message from a typical non-violent peace loving Tea Party hater;

U.S. Capitol Police are investigating a threatening voicemail left in the office of Rep. Jean Schmidt;

"Yes, uh. Yeah, I'm glad, uh. the president passed healthcare, yeah. Funky-ass, racist-ass Republicans hate that, don't you? Jean Smith, when you got hit by that car or when you fell or whatever, you should've broke your back, bitch. You, and Boehner motherfuckerer, that Mitch McConnell all you racist fucking Republicans. Why don't you just change y'all's party name to racist? 'Cause if one of those little fucking Teabaggers would've spit on me, I would have socked them in the fucking face with my fucking .09 mm. Fuck all you racist motherfuckers."