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Posted By: Ebbie
16-Oct-00 - 12:48 PM
Thread Name: Banned Music?
Subject: RE: Banned Music?
Talk about urban legends! I'll bet that 3/4ths of the songs above were never banned in any kind of official way but that people have perpetuated their own speculations. I've heard that about various songs, but how did we learn them? 'Teen Angel' and 'Running Bear', for instance, had a huge run on the west coast of America until they died a natural death.(Did you know that the young man who wrote Teen Angel was the younger brother of an established singing star- and that's the only song he ever recorded?)

Getting air time, of course, is a separate issue. It's like getting a book published. Quality is not necessarily the primary ingredient- sometimes it is marketing, sometimes it's ahead or behind its time, and always it is about perseverance.

This is kind of the way that we Americans talk about 'losing our freedoms'. We like to say that- but most of the time,IMO, we are lamenting the loss of abuses that should never have been accepted in the first place.

Political songs and tunes and movies and plays are a different issue altogether.

OK. All of this is my own opinions- and it was fun stating them!