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Posted By: GospelPicker (inactive)
16-Oct-00 - 11:09 AM
Thread Name: What's left to sing about...
Subject: RE: What's left to sing about...
"I call 'em 'finger-pointin songs' cause that's where my head is at right now... I don't do 'protest' songs anymore... Bob Dylan, 1965

Seriously, you want something to protest? I went to a Billy Graham (US preacher/evangelist/speaker) crusade (really big church sermon type thingy for you non-religious types) and he and all the other speakers in Central Park NYC told us haffamillion folks that there was a need for "food and clothing for those poor people overseas"... I took a walk to get an authentic Sewer-Snake (hot dog from a push cart) and I saw people not 2 blocks from 'ol Graham and his "overseas" who were cuddling their infant child and sleeping in an old industrial size laundry cart... Protest? How about laying off the foreigners and caring about your actual neighbors, like the Bible says? I mean, I care, but really... all this tree-hugging humanitarian garbaggio lamenting over the poor pygmies when I bet ol BushyBaby and Snore probably ignore the guy with the foam cup outside the White House...


@:^o[+] *mouth open in protest right now!*