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Posted By: Stringsinger
29-Jul-11 - 04:24 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Tea Party- New & Improved Thread...
Subject: RE: BS: The Tea Party- New & Improved Thread...
There is a case to be made that the Tea-O-Crat Party are fiscal terrorists. They are out to destroy government as we know it (The government of the United States), along with the Obama administration and replace it with a peculiar brand of theocracy, evidenced by their hyper-Calvinist obsession with cutting spending, which is well needed now to stimulate a jobless economy.

It is fitting the Theocrat Michelle Bachman is a religious figurehead followed by the rest of the congressmen who headed to the chapel to pray rather than vote for Obama's compromise.

I don't think Obama's compromise, that cuts SS, Medicare and Medicaid, taking the 1% rich elite off the hook is such a great deal either.

The Tea-O-Crat Party are the naughty bully boys in the schoolyard, claiming an ideology that's holier-than-thou even when they worship at the altar of Ayn Paul Ryan Rand.

Rourke blew up his own building and Ryan and Norquist have the same idea in mind.

Remember that out of the ashes often comes more ashes.

Solution is simple. C.C.C., W.P.A., bail out the screwed-over mortgage holders, pass the damn Ceiling without tying it to the cynical Repub politicking, and leave the New Deal in tact.

What ever happened to rational conservatives?