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Posted By: Donuel
29-Jul-11 - 02:41 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Tea Party- New & Improved Thread...
Subject: RE: BS: The Tea Party- New & Improved Thread...
Taxes are at a 50 year all time low.

The divide between the Uber Rich and poor middle class is at an 80 year all time high.

The pretense that the grass roots Tea Party has suddenly gotten "fed" up with these all time low taxes and want US Corporate overseas taxes to be reduced to 5% from 15... is proposterous.

But apparently the tea party claims are good enough to make Joe believe the premise that the Tea party is about taxes. Ha

Corporate money goes a long way to present their needs and wants via a tea spokesperson. The regular folks who call themselves tea whatevers, were the Republicans who suffered from the unrelenting stupidity and crimes of George W and could not bring themselves to be Democrats. They could not remain Republican. So they became Tea given that thats what FOX NEWS suggested they do with FOX TEA rallies and FOX news Hannity meetings and Dick Army websites and Koch money think tanks devising new ways to retain the religious right wing base for Republicanism under a new flag.

These are the people who can never admit how much they supported Bush and how foolish that was.

So we are left with a population of people:
who lie to themselves about how taken in they were.
who are out of work despite thier faith in Limbaugh Bush and FOX.
who were stupid enough to believe Bush & neocons.
who still at heart believe all the Limbaugh propoganda.
who are deep in their gut scared of all non whites.
And finally desperate enough to believe the tea party is the answer to thier prayers.

With all these traits concentrated under one banner and underscored with no concept at all of what drives economics and what kills it,
we have one desperate, scared, self deluded and ignorant bunch of people who are buyig as much ammunition as they can get thier hands on.

They are ready and prepared to lash out, declare anarchy, carry guns to town halls and get what they are told that they want by saying NO NO NO until the parents give in and change the Constitution.

They will NOT ONLY cut off thier nose to spite thier face but they will cut off your head or the nation's head to express the pain they feel from the disfiguring poverty they have been plunged into as the result of the 2008 crash, which is only now getting close to the real bottom.


Here are some things that the House freshmen are instrumental in cutting;

The Keck telescope has spent 5 Billion dollars but needs 2.5 billion more to finish it. Congress said "We are going to teach you a lesson about spending too much money!"   So thats 5 Billion wasted.

The FAA CR was ignored so 77,000 jobs were canceled. Tea Congress knew that Reagan fired air traffic controllers so they were being like Reagan. Trouble was the controllers are not involved, the workers furloughed are the construction workers and tax collectors who collect money from airlines. The taxes that go uncllected everyday is about 22 million dollars to this minute.

They cut anything to do with college assitance for the non wealthy.
They want to cut anything as long as its part of the Federal Government. Oops they even cut assistence to thier own State.
The House has failed pass 4 of thier own bills because they do not have the talented people who know how to write them or a leader who knows how to pass them.

Whats new is the House is dysfunctional en masse to a degree never seen before. Why? Maybe it was home schooling, maybe it was because the money given these guys to run was done without vetting. Even the Senate had Angle and McDonnel running.

Whats improved can be seen with your own eyes.