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Posted By: mg
25-Jul-11 - 01:58 AM
Thread Name: BS: security concerns about Norway shooting
Subject: RE: BS: security concerns about Norway shooting

There are some interesting observations here. One spokesman says remember we had to notify the personnel, they had to put on their protective gear and they had to arm themselves. As someone points out in the comments section, their government had just blown up...wouldn't they have protective gear on? And be armed? If not..could they not grab and go and be putting on some stuff in the car or van or whatever?

They overloaded the boat they had. Norwegians surely know their boats..and this was not a huge storm on open was a few hundred yards across a lake I think. Kids swam to safety.

And they ride for 28 minutes, once dressed and armed and arrive on the dock. Then they start to commandeer the boats. Do they not have cell phones in Norway? Communication with local police who surely would have rounded up some boats for them?   I would understand if this were a very poor country, but this is one of the most prosperous countries in the world..their special forces don't have a few zodiacs? They said their helicopter, which was somehow out of service, was for observation and not for transporting crew. Even two or three people? That is all that might have been necessary.

Once again..there is no time for delay in these situations. Every minute that goes by you know what happens. Every minute. mg