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Posted By: Greg F.
24-Jul-11 - 07:13 PM
Thread Name: BS: security concerns about Norway shooting
Subject: RE: BS: security concerns about Norway shooting
major explosion so near to the area

As was previously explained, the explosion was not "near the area".

I would not have expected teens to be left without staff members

They were not 'left without staff members'.

and I personally would have volunteered

Its a crying shame- damn near a crime- that you weren't there to handle things and make everything OK.

Perhaps you should get on a plane now - there's probably something in Norway needs whipping into shape, and only you can do it!

There are crazy people everywhere, and drug lords, and gangs, and religious fanatics and people who hear voices and terrorists...

HOLY SHIT! It just ain't safe out there!!! RUN! RUN!!

Cut 10 minutes off response time and 10 people are saved

You bet, mg- and if wishes were horses, beggars would ride, too.