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Posted By: mg
24-Jul-11 - 01:09 PM
Thread Name: BS: security concerns about Norway shooting
Subject: BS: security concerns about Norway shooting
I am going to start digging into the logistics, distance, timings, resources etc...but for a gunman/woman near a nation's capital..that has just had its government building blown able to take down that many people...raises some concerns in my head. They say it was after the Oslo explosion...and I will presume he was not physically there..but surely it would have immediately been on the radio. Surely police would have been on highest alert.If they did not carry weapons, but they must have them cached somewhere??I would think...they would be told to fetch their weapons in some sort of order. Everyone would be listening to the radio. The minute the first shot rang out and the first staffer or kid was able to run to the woods the police would have been called. If the news of the Oslo shooting was on the radio already, and you were in a camp nearby, would you not gather the campers, account for them, ..if for no other reason than some would have relatives...maybe it all happened almost simultaneously and I will be checking on that. you have a shooting, you have multiple phone have to get police out there. Of course theywill be focused on Oslo..but you still have citizens..parents..military..were there calls on the radio to get some boats close to the island? They said their swat helicopter was not on standby. It could be in for repairs or it could be on its way to the capital..who knows. There are other helicopters in Oslo..there was one taking photos of the shooting..can you not ask it to drop some swat people off...

There must have been boats on the island? Or was there a bridge? Could some staff not have circled around and brought a boat to the other side? It was close enough that some swam across. What was camp security like? Were they aware of the explosion in Oslo? What was the police force on or near the island? There have got to be some sort of explanations for why a gunman shot for one and a half hours and was not taken down. mg