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Posted By: Teribus
23-Jul-11 - 05:47 AM
Thread Name: BS: Oslo Bombing and Shooting at Youth Camp
Subject: RE: BS: Oslo Bombing and Shooting at Youth Camp
It would appear that this lone attacker has thought very carefully about his attack on the Norwegian Labour party organisation and he must have been planning it for some time.

- Four guns two of which were "legally held" (The fully automatic weapon and the automatic shot gun were not - Automatic weapons in Norway are strictly illegal and automatic self loading shot guns in Norway have to have restricted magazines of two or three shots IIRC)

- He had a flat in Oslo but had bought a small farm supposedly to grow vegetables which gave him access to purchase the fertilisers used to make his explosives without raising suspicion

- He apaprently parked his car bomb and then drove to Tyrefjord an inland freshwater lake where Utoya is located. The bomb having gone off in Oslo at 15:15hrs he appeared in Police Uniform and presented himself to those controlling access to the island, saying that he had to brief those on the island on security matters, the Norwegian Prime Minister who is from the Norwegian Labour Party was due to speak to the youngsters on Utoya today.

- He arrived on the island and called all the youngsters to gather round for the briefing then started shooting. As the children and youngsters ran for cover he started hunting them down. Appeals went out on Norwegian television and radio not to call children on the island as the ring tones from their mobile phones would give their positions away.

- People on the island ran into the water to escape, the lake is up in the mountains to the west of Oslo (about 50km), fresh water even at this time of year is very, very cold. He shot at those in the water trying to escape.

- He planted explosives on the island to kill any rescue parties

- Diving teams are now searching for bodies that may have sunk, there are still people missing the body count may not be finalised yet.

Speaking to former work colleagues over in Norway the country is in shock.

A double attack by a lone right wing nutcase, as bad, horrific and as terrible as this was, is a far better in prospect to an attack by a group that yesterday's events may have signalled only the start of a concentrated campaign.

With the undoubted feelings running as they are I do not give much for this guy's chances. And like Rhett Butler "I don't give a damn". Norway is a country with a small population, the summer camp was attended by youngsters from all over, the ripples of this will extend far and wide, my thoughts are with the victims, their friends and their families.