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Posted By: Mrrzy
22-Jul-11 - 11:31 PM
Thread Name: BS: Oslo Bombing and Shooting at Youth Camp
Subject: RE: BS: Oslo Bombing and Shooting at Youth Camp
I'm horrified and shocked on their behalf, and a large part of me is immensely relieved that it wasn't Al Q'aeda or their ilk, which I feared with the two fairly simultaneous attacks... Somehow this makes it a horrible aberration and not yet another horrible attack from the same amorphous enemy... and I feel bad for feeling any relief in the face of their tragedy.

I wish I could express that this does not detract from awful anguishing loss-cum-affront a la 9/11. This is a huge event far out of proportion to the number of dead for such a civilized nation, no?

And the gunman (note, +gun man, how did that happen in Norway, you can't exactly find one at every street corner) is still alive, so we may actually find out what he was thinking, or if.