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Posted By: Naemanson
15-Oct-00 - 09:26 AM
Thread Name: What's left to sing about...
Subject: RE: What's left to sing about...
Puff is about a dragon and the loss of innocence. I know it because of my father's day gift last June. Puff had a bit to do with this.

It is framed and has two stars on it and it says:

My Father's Gift
He introduced me to dragons and brought elves over to play,
For me he found the unicorn and invited dryads over for tea,
Because of him, wizards came to call and hobbits with dwarves,
There were tall dark men carrying swords and beautiful women with laughter like a spring brook,
Holding my hand he showed me the path,
Placed my hand on the door knob and gave me the will and desire to turn it and pull the door open.
Magic and wonder,
Fantasy and excitement.
A world of my own,
He gave to me.