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16-Jul-11 - 03:29 PM
Thread Name: BS: Japan Nuclear plant disaster, 2011
Subject: RE: BS: Japan Nuclear plant disaster, 2011
Interesting story!
"Key players got nuclear ball rolling" Cash paved the way even amid safety doubts on high ineptitude.
Japan Times, Eric Johnstone, staff writer.
"How did earthquake-prone Japan....come to embrace nuclear power....?
This is a tale whose main characters include two former prime ministers, a suspected war criminal, CIA agent and post-war media baron, and Japan's "Charles Lindbergh," a flamboyant pilor who encouraged people to search for uranium in their backyards."
"It also involves thousands of politicians, bureaucrats and the pronuclear media collectively known as Japan's "nuclear power village.""
In 1953, furure prime minister Nakasone was a student at Harvard, who learned that the U.S. was about to allow the technology used to build the atomic bombs to be exported for peaceful use of atomic power.
President Eisenhower announced the "Atoms for Peace" initiative to allies like Japan.
Matsutaro Shoriki, head of Nippon TV and previously jailed for Class A war crimes, also was head of the influential Yomiuri Shimbun, strongly supported nuclear power. In 1954, a research budget was passed by the Diet.
Zensaku Azuma, a popular aviator figure, discovered uranium deposits; his discovery caused others to buy Geiger counters and the craze was on.
Shoriki was elected to Parliament and soon was head of the new Japan Atomic Energy Commission in 1956.
A report from the Science and Technology Agency pointed out the cost of liability claims if things went wrong, but the repost was hidden for 40 years.
The Diet passed an act which nuclear operators from liability "in the case where the damage is caused by a grave natural disaster of an exceptional character or by an insurrection."
New laws were passed to provide roads, bridges, community centers, and public works in exchange for permission from local governments to build nuclear reactors.

Much more to the article, well-worth reading.
Japan nuclear history