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Posted By: George Papavgeris
14-Jul-11 - 08:59 AM
Thread Name: Mudcat. How do I leave?
Subject: RE: Mudcat. How do I leave?
"...the only thing I'm going do in the future is campaign for the closure of Mudcat".

Fred, you may be frustrated and angry, I'll grant you that - but I suggest that attacking and seeking the closure of a forum that does provide knowledge and help and yes, refuge, for hundreds who have done you no wrong, just to spite the organisers, is not the way to further your argument. It's just throwing toys out of the pram/spitting the dummy, and it weakens your case (and that of others too, I might add).

There is a serious need for many of us to calm down, take a page out of Richard Bridge's book and focus not on the latest unwelcome expression we heard/read, but on the real cause. Don't weaken the cause. And for god's sake don't utter threats you don't really mean (I think).