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Posted By: InOBU
14-Jul-11 - 06:52 AM
Thread Name: Mudcat. How do I leave?
Subject: RE: Mudcat. How do I leave?
It's always best to go with a song.

Fred... look, this isn't real life mate, it is a bloody e-world. Have a drink, a laugh and put things in perspective. He didn't punch you in the face or poke you in the eye with a stick. Folks from a certain political party on this site have been doing some really vile things, things which in the US are patently against the law, and being someone who was the target of that silliness... well, I have a lot more important things in my life than chacing e-phontoms, who have nothing in their lives except poking at people in the dark, to prove they are greater eejits than ever dreamed of in our philosophy.

Go or tarry, but remember it is all water off a duck's back, (sorry to bring you into all this Geoff the D... and quACK!)

When someone is rude to you, you can brood, break stuff, plan awful things until your liver bursts, or laugh it off, and get back to the party. You'r blood pressure will benifit the second course of action.

Put out yer paw, if the other fellow doesn't take it, who is the better man, eh?

So, have an e-drink on me, buck up, and give us an old tune