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Posted By: Big Ballad Singer
11-Jul-11 - 08:14 PM
Thread Name: Suzuki Folkmaster Harmonica
Subject: RE: suzuki folkmaster
So, Steve Shaw thinks that my 20-plus years of playing and owning just about every major brand of diatonic harp out there add up to "no advice"? There's one gap you've forgotten to fix... no, wait, make that two.

He wasn't asking about buggering about with gapping and retuning reeds and so on. He was looking for something out of the box that would play well and sound good. You have ears like a bloody strobe tuner, so let's all bow down to you, Steve Shaw, because slightly flat reeds make you break out in rashes.

I've played the Huang Silvertones. I've never filed a reed, had someone customize a damned thing about any harp I've ever played. The guy asked for some basic advice, and you decided to tell him how he can spend on a harp and then SPEND AGAIN to have someone muck about with it.

Maybe he'd just like to get a tune out of the damned thing first?