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Posted By: Haruo
13-Oct-00 - 11:11 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Thíos I Lár an Ghleanna
Subject: RE: Words to a Gaelic song?
No, I'm far from fluent in any of them really (English and Esperanto are the only ones I'm fully competent in), though I used to be pretty good at Japanese (I lived in Japan as a kid and went to Japanese public schools, came back with about 800 kanji imprinted on my brain and a reasonable command of kankeri and schoolyard sumö. But 32 years later there are a lot of barnacles on that part of my brain... And I had three years of Russian in high school, and got pretty good at it. And I was married for awhile to a Hindi-speaker, and picked up enough of that to make my Hindi webpage look pretty flashy. And I wrote a story in Latin once, and self-published it and it got rave reviews from the Classics dept. at the University of Washington (I had them proofread it for me); it was called Laurea illa Leaena -- Laurie the Lioness! I remember the song I had in it (to Beethoven's Hymn to Joy):
Salve lea, salve silva!
Estne dies vestra bona?
Bonum vobis vero volo
Et praesertim Laureae.
Simiarum aviumque, omnium amor ei est!
Venatricum quasi dea, nemo eam superest!
(maybe I do a Lyr Add: on this? ;-)

I also wrote a good story once in Swahili, "Naomi na Joka" (Naomi and the Big Snake), about how a Seminole Indian girl and a cottonmouth water moccasin teamed up to defeat a bunch of US Cavalry in such a way that Osceola got the credit without doing anything. But my Swahili teacher lost the whole manuscript except one page!!! And I've never managed to completely reconstruct it to my satisfaction. Oy! Don't know any Swahili songs off the top of my head, but it might be possible to do something with Ruth's speech to Naomi (not Naomi the Seminole girl; Naomi in the Bible): "Utakwendako nitakwenda / na utakaapo nitakaa. / Watu wako watakuwa watu wangu / na Mungu wako, Mungu wangu!"

Yeah, I'm afraid I'm cursed with what the charismatics call the gift of tongues ... ;-)