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Posted By: Little Hawk
13-Oct-00 - 01:17 AM
Thread Name: What's left to sing about...
Subject: RE: What's left to sing about...
It's only the commercial music industry that pretends there is nothing to sing about...except for silly love songs.

There is enough oppression in this world to keep generations of songwriters busy.

There's also plenty of inspiring and beautiful stuff to write songs about.

And then there's history, culture, philosophy, humour, satire, and about a million other things you could write about as well.

Just because all you hear is radio ga-ga, doesn't mean there's nothing to write about. Turn off the damn radio and pick up your guitar and write.

Wesley - Yeah! Protest your ridiculously long and expensive political campaigns...set up in such a way that only the rich can run them, and only the rich can win them. (Canadian federal elections are pretty bogus too, but at least they are limited to a duration of only 6 weeks). Protest the ludicrous choice between 2 political parties that represent no one and nothing except their own desire to be in power and reap the benefits thereof. Protest the death of a once great American democracy...killed by the almighty dollar and the mass marketing of total BS to an increasingly numb and powerless public who are slowly being turned into the equivalents of Homer Simpson and family. Their motto: "Give me convenience or give me death."