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Posted By: Carlin
13-Oct-00 - 12:29 AM
Thread Name: BS: Bush/Gore Round 2
Subject: RE: BS: Bush/Gore Round 2
Kendall, I come from a very large family. At last count we had 1 Airforce Colonel, 1 Navy Captain and 2 LT. Commanders, a Marine Captain, 5 NCO's in the Army, an Airforce Tech Sargeant, and 1 Lance Corporal (these are all cousins btw...).

I have friends scattered throughout the services. You know something...THEY ARE ALL THERE! They aren't sitting in an office in Washington, unlike a certain Republican from Maine. And there ain't a one of 'em running for office.

These are the people on the ground that know how well they are being supplied (did you know that half of the f-14's are being cannibalized to keep the other half flying), and know what kind of training they are getting, and what the morale is like. Any one with any interest at all in the military can find hundreds of reports, both official and unofficial, on the state of the military.

I understand that you may find all things relating to the military distasteful, but you don't have to look or dig real hard to find out what is going on. You won't get dirty......

PS. Typo in the last post...should read 'pentomic', not 'pentonic'.