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Posted By: Carlin
12-Oct-00 - 08:12 PM
Thread Name: BS: Bush/Gore Round 2
Subject: RE: BS: Bush/Gore Round 2
Okie Dokie....what do you think we need to meet our military commitments around the world?

And if you don't believe one Republican, why do you believe the other?

You are aware that the Army itself says that three of its divisions are unfit for combat?
How many operational carriers do we have, and how many of them have their full complement of airgroups?
Do you have any idea, or do you just believe everything is okay because someone from the government told you it was?

Kennedy and the military...yes, Ike's Army was quite capable. The problem was that it was built around what was known as a 'pentonic' division. This was a unit that was about half the strength of a WW2 division. The idea was you could park it somewhere to defend a given area, but it was too small for an enemy (the Soviets) to waste a tactical nuke on. Any force sent against it large enough to defeat it on the other hand, would be a prime target (it takes a three to one superiority to give a reasonable chance of victory when attacking an entrenched enemy...four to one is better...). In other words, Ike's Army was set up to ensure an immediate escalation to nuclear war....mutually assured destruction on a hair trigger. This was regarded as a very bad idea....especially by those in the military. Maybe you are comfortable with it though.....

I am sure if there was some direct immediate threat to New Zealand, the first thing their PM would do is get on the horn and start begging for a carrier or is amazing how quickly a little danger can focus the mind.

We do tend to make enemies....particularly when we go around bombing aspirin factories and refugee camps to keep our president's poll numbers up.