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Posted By: hesperis
12-Oct-00 - 01:44 PM
Thread Name: What's left to sing about...
Subject: RE: What's left to sing about...
Good one, MT!

Yeah, sing about poverty. And sing about governments that set up structures that keep people downtrodden, and so busy trying to survive that they don't have the energy to make the government accountable. And protest against people blaming the victims, because there still are far too many who do blame them.

And protest against the economic machine, which sets up humanity to be inhuman to ourselves in the name of profit. Or in the name of survival.

And point out that there are alternatives to all of these self-defeating behavious. If enough people knew about them, they could make the governments behave in healthy, sane ways.

There are people trying to set up economic indicators that also measure quality of life. There are people trying to revitalize communities, and people building strands of love and caring, for others to hold on to.

Yeah, there's a lot of stuff to write about.