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Posted By: Lepus Rex
12-Oct-00 - 02:21 AM
Thread Name: BS: Bush/Gore Round 2
Subject: RE: BS: Bush/Gore Round 2
I see, Carlin. But, like I said, I hate 'em both. But when Al Gore says something that's incorrect, I think he probably knows better. I respect a liar more than I respect an ignorant buffoon. Bush... He's like... some sort of dog or something, just sitting there licking his nuts, doing the tricks he's been trained to do. I mean, maybe he's not stupid to the point where he's disabled (I might vote for him then), but he's close. So he trained himself to pronounce 'Milosevic,' (though he still mispronounced it...), and he memorised a few 'big' words. Wow, a parrot can do that.

And when Lehrer asked him if he agreed with the US response during various military conflicts, it was pretty obvious he remembered what maybe half of them were actually about. He just kept on saying 'Yes!' with this blank look in his eyes, until Lehrer took pity on him and stopped the questions. His 'Aw, shucks, folks! I'm just a simple country boy' act is a LOAD. Maybe if he'd have stayed off the coke during his youth, his brain might be in better condition today.

And I think it's important for the President of our country to know who and what Ehud Barak is. I mean, I'm a high school drop out (OK, I was expelled...), and *I* know these things. Bush is the friggin' governor of TEXAS (maybe that explains it) and *HE* doesn't know these things, and *HE* wants to be Pres. If he were, say, applying for a job as a electrician, would you hire him if his only training was in acounting? He is a cretin, he is incompetent, and he is going to be our next President. Ah, well. Still voting for Nader. :)

---Lepus Rex