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Posted By: Lepus Rex
12-Oct-00 - 12:17 AM
Thread Name: BS: Bush/Gore Round 2
Subject: RE: BS: Bush/Gore Round 2
Again, I still hate Gore, but he kicked Bush's 'humble' ass tonight. What a friggin' buffoon, Bush. He's lucky we have so many illiterate, sub-human, mullet-headed, Jerry-Springer-guest-dating, wife-beater-wearing, goat-raping NASCAR fans in this country---They're the only reason he's going to be our next Pres. Can't we give Texas to Mexico or something?

Oh, but Bush REALLY impressed me with his mention of how he'd talk with the 'Israeli President' to help end the current violence in Palestine. As interesting as a chat with impotent figurehead Moshe Katsav might be, I bet he'd really rather talk with Prime Minister Ehud Barak...

I hope he gets smallpox or something. Or maybe just leprosy.

---Lepus Rex