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Posted By: Musket
18-Apr-11 - 12:39 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Indigenous Peoples Outlook
Subject: RE: BS: The Indigenous Peoples Outlook
I'm getting a bit confused here.

Lizzie reprinted her original post and thanked those who understood her point, and stated that as time appears to be running out, nothing else matters.

Err.. it does, sorry.

My view matters, your view matters, Sugarfoot Jack's view matters too, even if I do refuse to apologise for the actions of my forefathers.

And my view is that when I hear phrases such as mother earth, GAI, Greenpeace, mother nature (is there a difference?) and being "connected" I am reminded of an acronym GPs have been known to put cryptically on patient notes. GROLIES. (Guardian reader of limited intelligence in ethnic skirt.)

Oh, and I suppose the "petty bourgeoisie" as Sugarfoot Jack seems to think anybody who disagrees with him is, do care about the planet. You don't have to hug trees and wring your hands in order to care. Recycling, using the bike rather than the car where possible, growing your own veg, buying from the local farm shop, energy efficient lighting, solar panels on the roof, waste not want not etc etc. Not exactly the actions of not caring, yet I certainly identify with those who are being demonised here.

Luckily, I wont get a complex because it appears I am in the majority.

Time for a beer then. Pip Pip.