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Posted By: Lizzie Cornish 1
18-Apr-11 - 12:16 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Indigenous Peoples Outlook
Subject: RE: BS: The Indigenous Peoples Outlook
kat, come on, you are pretty much in the minority. If I stood down in Torquay, trying to get the population to listen to Oren's message, most of them wouldn't want to, and wouldn't really understand it either, to be honest.....and that would go for most towns/cities in this country.

We've become disconnected from *each other* let alone Mother Nature.

Yes, of course there are many people who care about the planet, but trust me, on the day Greenpeace came to town, here, they sure struggled to raise any enthusiasm whatsoever.

There is however, nothing wrong in trying the best we can to spread the message out as far as possible, without getting all uppity about it. Oren Lyons is doing all he can, surely helping him is not a problem, is it?

What saddens me is the sad resignation in his eyes, because he knows....

And if you watch him talking at that GAI Conference, back in 2010, he recalls the last time he was talking like that, 9 years back, saying even then, that time was running out so fast..and now, here he was, back once more, and 9 years have gone, been little time left, so much time wasted.

Sadly, those who ARE connected to the Mother Earth are in the minority. What has to change, to save us all, is to turn that into a majority.

This is not about anyone pointing fingers at anyone is merely me providing videos for otehrs to take out to wherever they may so choose. Nothing more. I want these words to reach the majority, that is all.