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Posted By: Stu
18-Apr-11 - 09:35 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Indigenous Peoples Outlook
Subject: RE: BS: The Indigenous Peoples Outlook
"But to think somebody born post empire should have their actions judged as such is rather silly if you ask me. "

Ah, so wipe the slate clean, zero collective responsibility for the wrongs of our fathers and everything's hunky dory?

Although that point of view is undoubtedly prevalent in whatever parallel universe the petty bourgeoisie inhabit within their well-insulated heads the fact of the matter is out in the real world (a world away, no doubt) people are living their lives with the consequences of our forefathers actions still influencing their ability to live their lives how they see fit, even if it doesn't fit in with the consumerist doctrines of modern 'democracies'.

How has this come about? Our capitalist education systems teaches a version of history that makes out as if rich, aggressive and scarily dispassionate white men are the pinnacle of civilised society, the natural heirs to the Christian ethic of bringing hard work, irrelevant religions and modern society to the noble savage. Even the white European and his descendants own atrocities against their own people (see the history of the British Isle for instance) are served up as necessary casualties limping onward to the bright light of pure consumerist culture. Complete shite of the highest order of course, but a massive number of people still believe it because they know no better (or couldn't give a toss).

Even the English sit back and take the wrongs visited on them by a ruling elite as part of the inevitable march to consumerism. For instance, the Acts of Enclosure were inflicted on ordinary English people by the same ruling classes who had been happily disenfranchising Ireland and clearing Scotland of their working people. But in England this is still taught as being some major milestone in the establishment of the modern economy; it was of course, but at what cost? Why is this appalling act of theft not seen as a major disaster for the ordinary working man and woman?

Is it because if we did question these acts we might realise the behaviour of our glorious empire was frequently morally indefensible? Or should we deny we have an obligation to learn from the mistakes of our fathers and a responsibility to those who suffer the consequences? Or is that just for the Germans?