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Posted By: Stu
18-Apr-11 - 03:53 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Indigenous Peoples Outlook
Subject: RE: BS: The Indigenous Peoples Outlook
"When I am told they own all the land because they were here first, gimme a break eh? If they weren't using the land and had never set foot on it how the fuck could they own it? "

An here is one of the reasons history has played out the way it has. It's impossible for some people to get their head around a completely different worldview than their own. Native Americans never thought they owned the land - in their viewpoint nobody could own land as it belonged to everyone. It was one of the reasons why it was so easy to fuck them over completely (along with other issues like believing white people when they gave them their word etc).

If everyone thought like gnu does in his simplistic anglo-saxon world then we'd have conflicts all over the world like The North of Ireland, Palestine, the displacement of indigenous people in the Amazon, the Congo, the plains of Africa, Tibet etc etc

Oh, hold on - the immoral imperialist tossers are still everywhere, seeding their capitalist shite as if it was the only way of viewing the world . . . and of course turning it to their own advantage at the expense of the way of life of others.

Business as usual then!