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Posted By: Richard Bridge
17-Apr-11 - 04:50 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Indigenous Peoples Outlook
Subject: RE: BS: The Indigenous Peoples Outlook
Well, Lizzie makes me REALLY cross with her views that education is not necessary and that women are for motherhood not being people, but let's be fair.

The words "indigenous peoples" may not have been the best starting point, but are a useful if imprecise shorthand, and "primitive peoples" could have been seen as condescending. Lifestyles lived without the artefacts of modern (and indeed in some cases rather less than modern) "civilisations" (funny thing that "progress" only goes one way) have merits in terms of reduced impact on ecosystems.

Japan demonstrates the risks of nuclear technology. Global warming (fact not fiction) is rooted in the combustion technologies of the last two centuries. Factory ships have all but extinguished numerous ecosystems in our oceans (as have pollution).

We face an overpopulation crisis and the ability of the planet to heal itself is being overborne.

What we REALLY need is fewer people. Not my problem, I'll be dead by crisis point, but it IS coming.