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Posted By: Bonnie Shaljean
17-Apr-11 - 04:30 PM
Thread Name: i have lost my singing ability HELP ME
Subject: RE: i have lost my singing ability HELP ME
> I have been singing loudly at a too-low range and each time, of course, my larynx hurts. I know better... I KNOW the pushing is terrible for my voice... I don't like how I sound!

I can't answer the thyroid question, though I'm sure any number of health website forums could. But what does it matter? If the medication turns out to have no effect, are you still going to go on misusing your instrument? And if thyroid is causing problems, it doesn't mean that the vocal strain is somehow harmless. You've answered the real issue - or rather, your body is answering it for you, loud and clear: With or without the meds, you're destroying your voice! WHY???

If you've had bel canto training you know what your bottom range is - what on earth has possessed you to force yourself below it? You're incurring vocal damage for a choir with a poor soprano section?

I note you say the "Easter season" which presumably means throughout Lent, so it's not just for a day or a week (which means you'll need months of silent healing time). What about the next time they want you - as they inevitably will - for whatever the new occasion is? And the next. And the next. Until you're just one more member of a poor soprano section.

You really have to decide which is more important, belonging to this choir or singing itself. And then act on your decision.

I'm quite afraid of becoming that old lady with a reedy and unpleasant voice.

!!! That says it all.