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Posted By: foggers
12-Apr-11 - 04:50 PM
Thread Name: i have lost my singing ability HELP ME
Subject: RE: i have lost my singing ability HELP ME
I agree with all the comments. DO check with a Doc just in case it is a sign of something of a health nature. Once that is ruled out, then the next question is maybe you are over-straining your vocal gear, so rest and home remedies are needed (I like honey and lemon juice in warm water).
When the ache and heaviness subsides, then start again gently.You have not said if you have had any singing or other vocal training, or if you have been singing for a long time and that this problem is new. So I am tempted to assume you are not an experienced singer and that maybe you do not have access to a teacher/coach/mentor, and I think that maybe this could be what you need if this problem is to be ironed out.

You need to remember your singing muscles are exactly that; they are muscles. If you wanted to take up running you would not start by launching yourself into a 26 mile marathon, you would start with warm up exercises, a gentle jog around the block, and a cool down exercise. And then you would repeat this often, gradually increasing the length and speed of the run. Similarly with the voice you need to start with gentle warm up (humming, short 4 note scales, in your mid range which is usually about the pitch of your speaking voice) then expand the scales to stretch things out, then have a go at some of the things you want to try to sing (starting with something achievably in your current vocal range) and then you need to cool down (I usually sing a nice air or lullaby and end with some more humming).

To attain those high notes you appear to be after, your voice needs to be supported by good breathing from the diaphragm, a relaxed ribcage, an open throat and relaxed face. You are not going to achieve all this overnight. If you can afford it, find a good teacher, and if you can't afford that check out places like You Tube for voice coaching tips.