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Posted By: Ferrara
31-Mar-11 - 08:21 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Tally Ho (fox hunt: 'galloping galloping…
Subject: RE: ADD: fox hunt song-galloping, galloping: Tally Ho!
A few changes/corrections to the version posted by GUEST above. I have it on a vinyl album of Julie Andrews' favorite songs! I don't think she had the same title though, she may have called it "The Fox Hunt" or some such. It's been a few years since I listened to it. Here's how I remember it:


There's a sound of hoof beats over the hill
And the huntsmen's horn rings merry and shrill.
See, here they come with a view halloo,
Hounds and horses and huntsmen too,
    Galloping, galloping, galloping, galloping,
    galloping, galloping by

The horses trample(?), the hounds they bay,
The huntsmen's coats are scarlet and gay
"Ho! there youngster," the huntsmen cry,
"Say, have you seen the fox go by?"
    Galloping, galloping, galloping, galloping,
    Galloping, galloping by

I look as stupid as I can be,
And never a word do they get from me,
Until in anger they shake the rein
And start the rollicking hunt again,
    Galloping, galloping, galloping, galloping,
    galloping, galloping by

Oh, would I be telling them? No, not I!
That I saw the fox go wearily by --
Wearily panting, worn and spent --
Would I be telling the way he went?
   Galloping, galloping, galloping, -- No, not I!