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Posted By: FloraG
21-Mar-11 - 05:10 AM
Thread Name: wedding celidh help
Subject: RE: wedding celidh help
Thanks Mrs Hound. This sounds a lot like a Haste to the wedding + collect people. As the rest of the band follow whatever I play, it should be OK to add extra B's or 1/2 Bs. I know Uncle B and Winstor gallop pretty well so can play those without thinking about them.

Mo - I'll be having a look.

Is the Scottish Grand march just what it says - prom round the room - or is it anything more. It sounds ideal if anyone wants Photos. I have a few scottish dances in my head - Gay Gordons, No luck around the House, DWS, spinning bobbins, and a very basic one I do to brochan lom. ( I expect any stathspey would do but singing it stops me playing it too fast). Do you have a current favourite?

No one has come up with any Wiltshire dances yet. I might have to write a Stone Henge Special.