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Posted By: Grab
04-Oct-00 - 06:52 AM
Thread Name: BS: How does Gravity Work?
Subject: RE: BS: How does Gravity Work?
RiS, Einstein came up with his space/time theory in his 20s, and worked the rest of his life on the Grand Unified Field Theory (basically a Theory of Everything, which would link gravity, magnetism and electricity together). He didn't make it either, poor bugger - imagine how it must feel spending 60-odd years on that kind of work and still not cracking it.

As for the new asteroid appearing, stuff doesn't (unless you're in Star Trek! ;-) warp into existence. So even at some unimaginable distance the asteroid's gravity will still be affecting all the planets, however microscopically, it's just that as it gets closer the effects become more pronounced.

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