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Posted By: GUEST,FloraG
18-Mar-11 - 06:01 AM
Thread Name: wedding celidh help
Subject: RE: wedding celidh help
Hi again.

I know and have used Horses brawl, dashing white sargent and the broom dance. Bayou seco were at Broadstairs one year. I'm not convinced i could play New Mexico wedding polka as I have to be able to play the tune without thinking about it while I'm calling the dance - as I call and play at the same time - but I'll have a look. I use a basic melodeon for this. Learning the tune usually takes longer than establishing the dance in my memory banks. Thanks for reminding me about the broom dance.

Mo - I think the Hokey Cokey sounds a good idea. I'll get one of the singers in the band to mug up on the words. A good fall back. I sing/dance a gaelic strathspey and dusty bluebells but the rest of the band think they hear enough of my voice with the calling.

I think I would like your wedding dance with a story. I shall try to register. I'm not very good with standard dance terms. I gave up when the book said right and left hand star - how? I don't think I would go down well with a group of experienced dancers as I tend not to do complicated, and make my calls as simple as possible.

I shall certainly take a list of our pub tune sets as a back up if people want to chat.

I should still like some local dances if anyone knows any. I like to do rakes of rochester at my barn dances as its its the most local to me, I think. Anyone know any from the salisbury area? I've got a bit of time to try out a few dances at local dos before the wedding.

Again - thanks for all the ideas and still open to any/ all suggestions. We are not looking for any bookings from the do as we usually only do local - this is just a one off - but I want to make their day as special as I can.