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Posted By: Amos
03-Oct-00 - 09:43 PM
Thread Name: BS: How does Gravity Work?
Subject: RE: BS: How does Gravity Work?
It seems pretty clear that Einsteinian theory shows the equivalence between the mass-attractive force thought of as gravity, and the phenomena of acceleration of the referential frame within which the observer is measuring the force.

This implies that it is not the case that cumulative mass attracts but that the operational principle is something quite different: spaces accelerate into each other indefinitely in the inverse square law, which is why every time you get to the ned of one, there's another one waiting for you to look across it.

This also explains why space always looks homogenous, because the broders disappear in proportion to the movement of the observer's viewpoint, thus becoming seamless. And the bigger the apparent mass gets, the more spaces are entrained into accelerating into each other from all directions, just like unfettered imaginations galloping inside of weach others' visions. Thus, mass attracts mass (accelerating spaces invite other accelerating space to accelerate into them).

It's simple!